10 Things You Should Know About Flexigel

Gelor’s Flexigel was created to bring fabulous nails to the masses. We want to remove the struggle of making time to get yourself to the salon and to be able to create fabulous professional looking nails from the comfort of your own home. 

Here are 10 things you need to know about the new revolution for your fingertips!

1) Unlike it’s acrylic counterpart, Flexigel does not set until it has been cured meaning that you have as much play time as you need to create the perfect nail.

2) Flexigel can be sculpted using Dual forms, tip overlay or directly on to your natural nail. Flexigel really is versatile and works with you.

3) Flexigel has a range of 7 fabulous colours to choose from:

- Light Pink
- Natural Pink
- Petal
- Beige 
- White 
- Clear
- Black

You will never get bored with this selection of colours !

4) Flexigel should never be picked off your nails- you could cause real damage to your nail bed. Always soak off Flexigel using Acetone.

5) Flexigel takes around 2 minutes to cure under a LED lamp. You must remember to cure the underside of the nail. When cured correctly you will be left with a tacky surface that you will need to wipe off.

6) You should always prep your nail before applying Flexigel. Clean, buff and file (if you have oily nails please user a dehydrator also) and apply a base coat before using- Gelor offer BASEIT coat. This will help protect you natural nail and gives the Flexigel a good surface to adhere to.

7) Flexigel is not sticky or stringy. When sculpting with Flexigel you may need a little SLIPIT Application Solution to help mould the Flexigel around your nail/tip/Dual Form. This will make it a lot more moveable.

8) When your nails have grown out you can used Flexigel to infill- no need to remove all your nails and redo the whole set!

9) Polishes can be applied over the top of the Flexigel both Gel polish and normal polish.

10) Flexigel is super flexible but very strong, no need to worry about breakages with correct application.