Is Flexigel Really As Easy As It Seems ?

Is Gelor Flexigel easy to work with?
Gelor Flexigel is the honestly the epitamy of ease. The Gel has the structure of putty so it is so workable anyone can do it. You can mould the Flexigel to your natural nail or to a Dual Nail Mould with very little effort and practice, making it easy for beginners. You can get a tube of Gelor’s Flexigel and get to work right away honing your skills as you go.
One thing we have noticed is that the Flexigel can stick to your application tool and can become quite tacky. However, Gelor has the solution, our lovely turquoise coloured SLIPIT Application Solution alleviates these problems. As well as stopping the Flexigel from sticking to your application tool it also makes the Flexigel looser allowing for ease of moulding. Another plus!
Gelor Flexigel has an unlimited work time. What does this mean? Well quite simply the product will not set meaning you can move it around and play with it until you have created the perfect shape and length without the product going hard! Again for those of us who are not quite as savvy as we would like to be, this allows you to take your time. Once you have moulded to perfection Gelor also offer the Sun UV/LED 36W Curing Lamp on the site which will cure your nails in under 3 minutes.