The Correct Way to Shape Your Nails!

Do you want your nails to stay as healthy as possible whilst looking sleek and finished?


DO NOT saw at your nails. If you regularly file your nails in a back and forth action PLEASE stop now! All you are achieving is that frayed look rather than a nice clean cut that you are after! Also all this sawing that your doing you are actually making your life HARDER. By doing this you are making it 10x harder to achieve that perfect stiletto shape or coffin cut as the nails are shortened dramatically quicker when you use this ‘technique’ so STOP NOW. You are quite literally traumatising your nails! A strong word, yes but all that trauma truly causes weakness!

So, what should you be doing?

To get the smooth edges that you are after you need to file in one direction from the where the nails meets the skin and file towards the centre of the nails in one fluid movement. A lot less traumatic for your delicate nails! Once you’ve got your shape and length you were after gently tuck that nail fail under your nail and flick an excess nail fibres that are still hanging on. This will give you that smooth finished nail look all us beginners crave for!

When you have filed your natural nails down and buffed them to perfection you can then start to process of applying your Flexigel, don’t forget keep those nails smiling and use your BASEIT Coat!