The Dont's Of Painting Your Nails!

You don’t need to be a pro to do a great job painting your nails, but you do need to keep an eye out for some common nail varnish mistakes. We all make these mistakes!
We’ve found some of the most common nail varnish mistakes and how to stop them from happening- Trust me you will thank us later!
Showering in hot water after you have painted our nails!

You should never jump in the shower immediately after painting your nails. And most definitely never jump into a hot one! Allowing your nails to come into direct contact with heat and steam can cause your varnish to bubble. You should really allow up to one hour before jumping on in.

Going to sleep right after painting.

Nail varnish can actually take a full 24 hours to completely dry, although they do appear to be dry after 30 minutes. To help speed the complete drying process up you can run your hands under very cold water avoiding direct contact with nails (this can cause the varnish to move and smudge) after a few minutes of allowing our varnish to set.

Forgetting the Top Coat
If you miss this vital stage out you lose that perfect shiny finish and also it means that your varnish will last a lot less longer meaning you will need to keep reapplying varnish.
Skipping Base Coat
If you thought you could get away with missing your base coat, you are wrong. The base coat gives your nail a flat even area for a perfect finish. S well as this the base coat give your varnish a good foundation to stick to and stops your natural nail becoming stained- we have all been there when we have removed the purple nail varnish and we look like we have held our hands in a jar of beetroot !
Applying thick layers of colour

Do not apply thick layers of colour- this means the whole drying process takes even longer and are more likely to smudge. Apply serval layers of think varnish, it will dry quicker and will look a lot tidier. If you are using Gel polish the same applies but remember you will need to cure these between coats.

Using one stroke to apply your nail polish

Apply your polish with several strokes- this will give you more of an even coverage. If you try to paint your whole nail in one go you will find you will need to top up your colour regularly.

Starting with dirty nails
If your nails are not clean before you paint them the polish will be attaching itself to grease, oil and dirt meaning that it will peel off a lot faster. So make sure nails are completely clean.
Using old nail polish

You should replace your nail varnish every year.

Using acetone
Nail polish removers that are high in acetone dehydrate the nail and surrounding cuticle. It can make the nail weak, we advise using non acetone remover as it is much gentler.