Why Would I Choose To Use Flexigel Over Acrylics?

Probably one of the best features of Flexigel is that there is no strong odour when compared to acrylics. When using acrylics these can very often give people headaches if they are not used to using the products. Gelor’s Flexigel is completely odourless meaning that you can work as quick or as slow as you like without that dreaded feeling of being high as a kite when you have finished. Always got to be a positive hasn’t it?
Another issue we have come across in the industry is that when using acrylic based products, they create a lot of airborne dust! This nasty mess lands on everything you are working with and gets you into a right state. Gelor Flexigel does not do this as any filings that come off the nail when shaping is heavier than that of acrylics so will settle on the table rather than floating all around you. Gelor Flexigel is number one for sculpting nails if you want a clean and mess free area to work with. Another positive right?
Acrylics can be very heavy on the nail, although very strong can become uncomfortable over time, Gelor Flexigel is a very light weight solution to this problem. Even though it is very lightweight this does not mean it is weaker. Actually, Gelor Flexigel is a lot stronger than hard gels that are already on the market and a lot more flexible that their acrylic counterparts making Gelor Flexigel a joy to wear. Gelor Flexigel takes all the best features of both acrylics and hard gels, revolutionising your fingertips!